8 Best TVB Hong Kong drama of 2023 - Ahgasewatchtv (2024)

In the year 2023, I can see the improvement in TVB’s content in terms of producing out-of-the-box dramas. Of course, there are many dramas released with a wide range of genres. The following list is mainly based on my personal preference and how engaged I was throughout the series.

Before I go into the list, there are multiple TVB titles that I dropped in 2023. For those that I’ve completed, you can find them with their ratings here. For those who want to find out my favorite dramas in 2022, you can read the full article here.

Nevertheless, let’s start and recap on 2023’s list.

Let Me Take Your Pulse

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The neglected industry, the field that slowly fade into the backstage. Traditional Chinese Medicine might not sound foreign to many, but when you're ill, most will turn to western medicine. The drama showcase the struggles of people working in the industry. 

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Medical, Romance, Business, Friendship
Native title: 你好,我的大夫
Original network: TVB

The drama centers around the underappreciated Traditional Chinese Medicine and the group of young doctors who struggle to prove that TCM is as good as Western medicine.

The Queen of News

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Hands down, definitely one of the best TVB drama of 2023. With Charmaine Seah returning home to TVB, the Queen of News is really plot twist after twist. You will never expect who to make what move. 

In the set of the News industry, we are definitely not that familar with, which will intrigue you even more.

No. of episodes: 26
Genre: Showbiz, Politics, Business
Native title: NEWS新聞女王
Original network: Youku, TVB

The drama revolves around the News industry in Hong Kong. Set in SNK News split into 2 teams, one led by veteran newscaster Man Wai Sum aka Man Jie, and the other by George Leung.

Unchained Medley

8 Best TVB Hong Kong drama of 2023 - Ahgasewatchtv (3)
Fantasy romance drama that sets in the underrated industry, chinese opera. Pairing up again for another drama, the chemistry between Owen Cheung and Katy Kung is really good.

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Music
Native title: 靈戲逼人
Original network: TVB

The fantasy drama is set in the modern day and the story unfolds when a renowned producer, Ivan accidentally releases a female ghost. Trapped in a case for 29 years, Wan Lau Fong needs to find her boyfriend to know the truth.

Speakers of Law

8 Best TVB Hong Kong drama of 2023 - Ahgasewatchtv (4)
Undebateable... If you're a fan of legal drama, Speakers of Law will really speak to you. 

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Legal, Romance
Native title: 法言人
Original network: TVB

The drama is set in a small-medium law firm that Gam Bing Shun aka Gam Si Ye is running alongside his senior. After an episode, Gam Bing Shun asked his childhood besties to join the firm to regain their faith.

The Invisibles

8 Best TVB Hong Kong drama of 2023 - Ahgasewatchtv (5)
Highly anticipated drama of the year. With the huge cast line up and intensity, The Invisibles is really an action packed drama for those who are looking for a fast-paced story. 

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Action, Police, Investigation, Crime
Native title: 隐形战队
Original network: TVB

Previously known asPhantom Operation Tactic Team, the drama is set in the special police force unit, and leading the team is Madam Hill Fong. Working hand in hand with the team, you have another division, the Counter-Terrorism Response unit led by Yik Sir.

Night Beauties

8 Best TVB Hong Kong drama of 2023 - Ahgasewatchtv (6)
Will not expect myself to be drawn by 80s-90s Hong Kong night life scene in a drama. The cast made up of old and new faces but some really caught my attention with their role here. Jacky Cai, Yvette Chan are two that really stood out in this drama.

No. of episodes: 22
Genre: Historical, Romance
Native title: 一舞傾城
Original network: TVB

The drama is set in the 1980s to 1990s in Hong Kong, based in the Kingdom Night Club. Everyone is trying their best to earn their bucket of gold. Ladies’ power, they are in various sectors such as nightclubs, motels, Japanese restaurants, salons, and more.

From Hong Kong to Beijing

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The drama was not the norm TVB story you will expect, filming mostly in Beijing, China. 

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Family, Romance, Business, Life
Native Title: 香港人在北京
Original network: TVB

The story of the Tsui family that moved from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong to Beijing. Tsui Gong Yan was assigned to the Beijing office as CEO and brought his wife along. His 2 younger siblings, Raymond and Bowie surprise him when they land in Beijing with their motives.

A Perfect Man

8 Best TVB Hong Kong drama of 2023 - Ahgasewatchtv (8)
Very simple, easy and light hearted drama to digest. However, it is not mundane storyline that will bore you. 

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Romance, Family, Friendship
Native title: 有種好男人
Original network: TVB

The romance story between Yung Yit Cheung and Charlie Yau, an independent activist who did not believe in marriage and a single mother. Charlie has a 17-year-old son Woody but still looks youthful and attractive.

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8 Best TVB Hong Kong drama of 2023 - Ahgasewatchtv (2024)


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