Come Bridesmaid Dress Shopping with me in NYC (2024)

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Welcome back to another vlog! Hit that subscribe button if you love all things fashion, lifestyle and nyc(and this time bridal content). My girls said Yes to the DRESS!! Come with us as we search for the perfect bridesmaid dresses at David's Bridal in NYC. Comment any questions you might have about wedding stuff! Hope you enjoy this vlog!

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Hello guys and welcome back to my channel if you are new here, I'm renata and I live in new york city, I'm 25 years old.

If you love all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, new york city, hit that subscribe button.

Today we have a very exciting video because we are going bridesmaid dress shopping today, very excited um, so it is like 4 30 and our appointments at 7 30 and we're gonna grab like dinner before so my bridesmaids are coming in.

One of them is actually here she's behind me.

There's diana she's getting ready, and I've already done my makeup to get ready and everything.

I just need to choose an outfit and yeah we're going to go to la pakora bianca, to grab dinner, where my sister, my mom another one of my bridesmaids everyone's going to meet, and then we're going to go to david's bridal to go pick out dresses.

I think that I wanted like very classic, with a mix of like romantic and whimsical kind of bridesmaid dresses, because, like my venue, I'm gonna put a picture right here is like very like fairy tail castle.

I don't want it to be too princessy, but I want it to be like definitely romantic and the color of the dresses is going to be like this.

Like carolina blue color, which is where me and asher went to school, we went to unc chapel hill go heels, so that's why we chose the color and it's like a color, that's like running throughout the theme of our wedding.

So that's like a little bit of backstory, um and I'll, introduce you guys to all my bridesmaids and yeah.

Let's go okay! So let's pick an outfit, I'm thinking that I should probably do white because it's bridal stuff I feel like this- might be cute.


I think I'm doing that and then maybe I'll pair this light blue underneath because that's the bridesmaid dress color, I'm matching diana's wearing light blue in honor.

Yes of the moment, yes um, but this is like so this jacket is supposed to be a dress but, like I think, it's too short to be a dress, so maybe I'll pair it with like leather pants um.

Where are my leather pants they're somewhere in here? Okay, leather, pants and then some jewelry and I think that's the outfit okay.

So this is too long to be like a blazer vibe.

So not gonna.

Do this, let's figure out something else? Okay, so I went with this white denim jacket instead and I think it's cute and casual, like I'm.

The bystander here this day is all about the girls, I'm not the main character.

Okay, I think I'm gonna pair this outfit with my little light blue nike blazers, because it's like really matches okay, so I'm dressed shoes are on outfit little purse.

I might throw in a hat because my ears get cold um and here's diana's little fit she's.

Give us a little fit check.

What are you wearing h m jacket, rent the runway, woohoo? We love right.

There, jacket, um bodysuit, I think from h, m panzer, levi's and shoes are docks, love, it love it micro.

My yellow crocs are in the corner um, and this is one of my bridesmaids diana pena um.

How did we meet when did we meet in middle school or something way back? When do you remember? I don't? I don't remember either.

I think it was like science camp or something I have a feeling.

It was science camp because we were both really nerdy but nerdy and hot still.

Yes, yeah, but we've been friends since when was middle school like 2010., I can't think that, yes, it's like 2010, because we graduated in 2015.

yeah, so some so it had to be like yeah five years before that yeah, sometimes four years, five years so long time over a decade over here.

So we just wrapped up dinner and now we are walking to the david's bridal store.

Everyone is walking this way and yeah.

So let me introduce you guys to the bridesmaids hi guys, I'm chelsea, I'm renata's sister and her maid of honor.

What's your favorite thing about me, you're taking a long time I love for no, I love that we're not as creative wow, okay.

So here's the next bridesmaid hi, I'm raelyn, I'm a maid of honor number, two little sister, hello.

What's your favorite thing about me, um, your energy! Thank you.

Now we have my other bridesmaid hi, I'm yadira, I'm also bridesmaid um.

I am the person who has known renata's second longest only after chelsea um.

My favorite thing about renata is how supportive she has always been yay.

Oh, this is my kindergarten.

Bestie miss claudia hi, everyone, I'm claudia, I'm bestie number two.

I joined the circle in middle school.

My favorite thing about renata, probably the way she reacts when she freaks out and it's funny, but not in a bad way, but it's like you can't help, but laugh and you're, like oh, my gosh and the way she runs.

I don't know wait in the vlog.

You had an instagram and you guys met diana earlier, but she didn't say her favorite thing about me.

Oh my god.

I love that runs like such a mom she's like another.

Oh yes, I'm so wholesome everyone, I'm with my mom, and we are just waiting for the girls to come out with some dresses.

Um yeah we're excited to see all the beautiful styles.

So this is the first dress for chelsea.

It is actually a prom dress, but it is the same exact color of like what we're thinking of for the bridesmaid dress and I actually kind of love it.

I don't I feel like do.

Bridesmaids have cutouts, I feel like I.

If it's such a baby, though it's such a baby cutout, I feel like it's totally fine and it looks really good on her, like I feel like this is like such like a chic dress, and I really like it a lot um, it's giving kind of bridge or tin.

It is and then claudia's wearing the office shoulder.

I love it.

She's dance testing, I'm like so we're a little also torn between the dusty blue and the icy blue, but I think I'm kind of like liking, the icy blue.

A little bit more go heels, go heels, go to our hills, but I'm loving the one shoulder um.

They can clip the back.

If you need it um, oh, that's so cute it is cute around your collar.

I do yeah, I really like I'm telling you.

I call it work.

Okay, so I'm loving this one on raylen.

I just feel like it's a little mature for her, since you know 17.

um, let's see about your wedding 18, am I winning um, but everyone else.

Looking the icy blue is definitely the color I feel like yeah.

It looks good on everyone diana's also blue she's, in the dusty blue, but the one shoulder seems to be a hit: hmm yeah yeah! That's it's that one! Okay, that's some of the shoes around yeah yeah! Okay, like I need to make sure I can just like run through the past, the hanger okay.

What do you think of this friend? It's simple yeah yeah, I kind of like it she's simple, but I feel like mixed in with some of these louder dresses.

It could help to balance it out, and I also think this.

This off-the-shoulder look is a little bit more age-appropriate for raylen yeah yeah in this beautiful double strap, satin dress and it looks so good.

Look at come closer, so they can see the waist look at the detailing along her waist.

It really snatches the middle, so she's simple, she's cute.

I like her, I think, she's.

I think she's adorable like a button.

Okay, I feel like this is kind of kind of like the one, the vibe, the two we're kind of loving this one.

How do you guys feel? Are we saying we did you guys found the one? I think we're saying? Yes? Yes, we are officially going with this satin style.

It will be in the dusty blue color, which I kind of want to grab.

So this satin material is going to be the actual color of this, and so this is what it looks like against raylen's skin.

Oh I'm like moving my arm, and so this is the dress.

How cute this was.

Definitely the fan favorite.

Come Bridesmaid Dress Shopping with me in NYC (2024)


Does maid of honor go dress shopping? ›

Helping in wedding dress shopping is arguably one of the best maids of honor responsibilities. However, while most brides ask their maids of honor to be present for this, some don't. If your bride asks for your presence, you ought to show. Your work is to help in the fitting and giving your honest opinion.

How far in advance should you buy a bridesmaid dress? ›

When to order bridesmaid dresses. About six months before the wedding is the right time to make your final decision on the bridesmaid dress or dresses that you want your girls to wear.

Am I supposed to buy my own bridesmaid dress? ›

While generous, that's still an exception to the norm. Generally speaking, bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own dresses and accessories; they may also be required to foot the bill for hair and makeup appointments and transportation to the wedding.

Who is supposed to go dress shopping with the bride? ›

Traditionally, the mother of the bride, sisters, and the closest friend (or friends) are involved in the dress hunt. Your future mother-in-law can be invited, too, if you're tight with her and you want her to take part.

What does the maid of honor traditionally pay for? ›

Typically, the maid of honor pays for smaller-ticket items, like a bachelorette sash or tiara, decorations, and swag for the other party guests. If you, as the bride, don't want to pay for these smaller items, our advice is to give your friends space to take the reins.

What should maid of honor bring to dress appointment? ›

Make sure to check these items off of your list so you're set for a successful day of wedding dress shopping.
  • Inspiration. Bringing along wedding dress inspiration to your appointment is very important. ...
  • Proper undergarments. ...
  • Hair ties & clips. ...
  • Appropriate shoes. ...
  • Your squad. ...
  • A realistic budget.

Is $300 too much for a bridesmaid dress? ›

To make it easy, offer a few price ranges: $100-$200, $200-$350, and $350+ is a good starting point. There are gorgeous ensembles available at all of these prices, so you'll be able to start your search knowing the options you consider are ones everyone can afford.

Is it OK to ask your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses? ›

Bridesmaid dresses

If you're on a tight budget and you can't afford to cover the cost of the dresses, it's reasonable to ask your bridesmaids to pay for them. These are some of your closest friends and family, so you'll probably find they are very understanding.

What is the maximum age for bridesmaid? ›

There is no age limit

The general opinion seems to be that age doesn't really matter. Some bridesmaids in their late 30s, early 40s and older may jump at the opportunity to be a special part of your wedding.

Who pays for the maid of honor dress? ›

Wedding Attire

The maid of honor, along with the rest of the bridal party, is expected to cover all wedding attire costs. This includes the dress (plus any necessary alterations), shoes, and any jewelry you'll be wearing the day of.

Who pays for the bridesmaids hair and makeup? ›

"The bride should cover the cost of her wedding party's hair and makeup, especially if she's requesting or encouraging them to have it done," says Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events. Meyer says most of his brides fund bridesmaid hair and makeup for their crew.

Who picks bridesmaid dresses? ›

Typically, the bride is in charge of choosing the bridesmaids dresses, but we definitely encourage bridesmaids to have their say too on what colours they like and how they feel in a dress as at the end of the day, how the bridesmaids look is a big part of how brides feel on their day.

Do brides go wedding dress shopping alone? ›

If you're reading this and feeling frazzled already by the thought of multiple opinions being thrown your way, know that it's definitely ok to go wedding dress shopping by yourself. You can absolutely go wedding dress shopping alone, and some brides actually find the whole appointment more enjoyable that way.

How many people can go wedding dress shopping with you? ›

Most bridal salons expect the bride to bring one to three people with them on their appointment, and a larger crowd can be an unexpected challenge to the store, and could even cause problems for other brides.

Can my husband go wedding dress shopping with me? ›

Bottom Line: It's Your Choice

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. There are no hard rules when it comes to who can accompany you on your dress expedition.

Do all bridesmaids go wedding dress shopping? ›

Don't feel obligated to invite all of your bridesmaids, relatives and friends to the appointment — this isn't your bachelorette party. Limit your group to just two or three people if possible, such as your mom, sister, MOH, or future mother-in-law.

Does the maid of honor buy a wedding present? ›

Does the maid of honor get the bride a gift? Generally speaking, yes. Giving gifts is customary for the wedding party. (That is, unless the couple has expressed that they don't want presents from their VIPs.)

Do you invite mother-in-law to dress shopping? ›

If your mother-in-law is already like a mother to you or will be a positive addition to the day, it is a nice gesture to include them in this special shopping trip. If you have a family member who is paying for the dress, it is also polite to invite them shopping with you.

What to do for bride on dress shopping day? ›

Give your bride her Say Yes to the Dress moment with these six ideas.
  • ​1. Invite a special guest. ...
  • Surprise her with a new outfit. ...
  • Treat her to a morning of glam. ...
  • Plan the perfect meal. ...
  • Put your phone away. ...
  • Let the good times roll.
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