Ready for fun? Everything you need to know before heading to Cedar Point this summer (2024)

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A trip to Cedar Point can be a summer highlight for families.

And each year the park that has been around for 150 or so years ushers in new things to do and bids farewell to some favorites.

The 2023 season at the Sandusky park is no different.

Cedar Point is bidding farewell to an entire section of the park and welcoming a newly named and revamped area along Lake Erie that will include a new place to wine and dine and even a new coaster that harkens to Cedar Point's past.

The park's official opening day is May 6 and daily operations begin May 18.

What's new at Cedar Point this summer?

Cedar Point is opening a new Boardwalk area along the Lake Erie shoreline.

The area will include the new Wild Mouse coaster along the eastern beach side of the park. The roller coaster reaches a height of 52 feet and boast six mouse-themed cars and one that is cheese-themed. The coaster cars spin 360 degrees as it navigates 1,312 feet of dipping and twisting orange track.

Cedar Point's summer 2023 plans: New Wild Mouse coaster and lakefront restaurant to part of revamped Boardwalk at Cedar Point

The park's old Wild Mouse coaster — the Wildcat — was removed in 2011 to make way for an outdoor stage near the Valravn roller coaster.

The revamped area where the old Wicked Twister coaster was located will also include a new eatery that will be situated behind its signature Giant Wheel attraction that is similar to the park's original Grand Pavilion entertainment space that debuted in 1888.

The Boardwalk will also be home to a number of rides − some old and some new.

Cedar Point has moved two rides from elsewhere in the park into the new area: The Matterhorn and Scrambler.

The Scrambler will have a new paint job and a new name − the Atomic Scrambler.

The Tiki Twirl spinning ride that was already located in this area of the park got some TLC over the offseason and has been renamed after a former park classic - the Calypso.

What's closing at Cedar Point this summer?

Cedar Point is closing itsForbidden Frontier on Adventure Island.

The closing of the attraction where parkgoers would interact with actors comes after just four seasons − including the one disrupted by coronavirus.

Tucked in the back of the park off Frontier Trail, where the old Shoot the Rapids water ride once stood, where people could stroll along treelined trails through a fictional settlement where the feuding Wapis and Cayugas called home.

Cedar Point has not said what will become of the space.

The park is also retiring a number of eateries.

The Chick-fil-A inside of the park along with the Mac Shack and Wild Turnip eateries have closed.

Another national chain is closing up shop inside of the park.

The Johnny Rockets on the main midway is closed and is now an arcade.

Several small quick-serve locations including the Dive In, The Roost & C.P. Juice Co. were also retired.

Will the Top Thrill Dragster open this summer?

Roller coaster fans will have to wait another year to ride what was once the tallest roller coaster in the world.

The reimagined version of the famed Top Thrill Dragster will not reopen until 2024.

Workers continue to completely redo and "reimagine" the coaster after anaccident in August 2021severely injured a park customer.

The woman, 44-year-old Michigan resident Rachel Hawes, was standing in line Aug. 15 when she was struck by a piece of the coaster.

With the removal of the coaster's loading platform about the only other thing recognizable to park customers is its iconic 420-foot-tall hill.

The ongoing construction also means the nearby Iron Dragon roller coaster will not be open at the start of the season. The park hopes to open the coaster soon.

How much are tickets to Cedar Point?

Ticket prices are actually down a bit this season at Cedar Point.

The best prices and deals on tickets to the amusem*nt park can always be found on its website.

But if you find yourself on an impromptu trip and buy a ticket at the park with no access to the internet, the listed gate price for adults this year is $80 − a $5 savings compared to last summer.

Again, it is always best to buy your tickets online at

And don't forget the park is cash-free and all purchases must be on a debit or credit card or a smart device with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Customers who just bring cash to the park will be able to convert it to a prepaid debit card. If there's any money left over on the card at the end of the day, the debit card can be used anywhere those payments are accepted outside of the park.

Does Cedar Point have a chaperone policy?

Cedar Point does not have a chaperone policy in place for the start of the 2023 season.

Some Cedar Fair-owned amusem*nt parks including Kings Island outside of Cincinnati have adopted policies this season that ban unsupervised minors as the result of fights and other incidents.

At Kings Island, customers 15 years old or younger must be accompanied by a chaperone 21 or older who will be required to present a valid government-issued photo ID at ticket entry and remain inside the park.

Any unaccompanied children under age 15 will be asked to leave the park.

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Ready for fun? Everything you need to know before heading to Cedar Point this summer (2024)


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