The Honor Code Started With Which Organization? (2023)

1. History - Office of Undergraduate Academic Integrity - Virginia Tech

  • It was created through extensive collaboration with faculty, students and staff. The new honor code is consistent with 21st century policies, promotes fairness ...

  • Virginia Tech’s Undergraduate Honor System (UHS) has a long and distinguished history. The UHS has been in continuous operation and grown with the University since 1908, making it one of the oldest honor systems in the United States. Though it has transformed with the evolution of the University, it has always remained a student-led organization with faculty guidance and input.

2. A Virginia-Centric History of the Honor Code | The Jefferson Council

  • Apr 23, 2022 · The first student-run honor system began during Robert E. Lee's presidency. It appears that W&L has the second oldest single-sanction system in ...

  • This essay about the evolution of the honor system at Washington & Lee University was published by The General’s Redoubt and is republished here with permission. — JAB by M. Neely Y…

3. College Honor Codes Evolve to Meet the Times | BestColleges

  • Apr 19, 2022 · College Honor Codes Evolve to Meet the Times · More than 60 colleges and U.S. military academies have honor systems. · Dropping or modifying ...

  • Students at the University of Virginia last month approved significant changes to the school’s honor code. What does the move mean for such systems at other schools?

4. Honor Code - Office of Community Standards - Stanford University

5. [PDF] The Honor Code | Student Development

  • This Code originates from and belongs to the students of the University. It is not a system of laws created and enforced by the Administration but a way of life ...

6. A history of the BYU Honor Code - The Daily Universe

  • Apr 8, 2014 · 1948: The Honor Code is initiated and written by the BYU chapter of the Blue Key National Honor Fraternity and White Key organization. The ...

  • BYU students commit to live the Honor Code. However, BYU hasn’t always had an Honor Code. Here are some major events that have contributed to BYU’s current Honor Code. 1876: After becoming the principle of Brigham Young Academy, Karl G. Maeser put in foundation for The Domestic Department. However, the organization wasn’t formally established until […]

7. Honor Code - Duke University | Academic Integrity Council

  • Created in 2002, inaugurated in 2003, and revised in 2007, the DCS serves as a guide to ethical behavior. It is followed by a pledge that commits all ...

  • Information for Undergraduate Students

8. Honor Code - Southwestern University

  • Students established the Honor Code over a century ago to commit themselves to academic integrity and to hold each other accountable in their endeavors both ...

  • “I have acted with honesty and integrity in producing this work and am unaware of anyone who has not.”

9. Undergraduate Honor Council - Student Org - Vanderbilt University

  • Since the first classes began at Vanderbilt in 1875, the Honor System has served to strengthen the academic integrity of the university. Today, the Honor ...

  • Since the first classes began at Vanderbilt in 1875, the Honor System has served to strengthen the academic integrity of the university. Today, the Honor Council serves two simultaneous aims: to uphold and protect the Honor Code and to educate members of the Vanderbilt community about the Honor System. The links above are designed to...

10. Academic Honor Code - Policy Library - Georgia Institute of Technology

  • An Academic Honor Code at Georgia Tech aims to cultivate a community based on trust, academic integrity, and honor. It specifically aims to accomplish the ...


11. JMU Honor Code

  • Honor System Organization. Academic Affairs Division; Honor Council ... The president will rule on the admissibility of all evidence introduced during the hearing ...

  • JMU Honor Code

12. Frequently Asked Questions - Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • The Honor Pledge Task Force is a student organization dedicated to promoting a culture of academic success and integrity on Purdue's campus. ... Why was the Honor ...

  • What is the Honor Pledge Task Force?

13. Honor Code - Emory College Catalog

  • Apr 22, 2022 · The student body instituted the Honor System a century ago, and undergraduate students continue to have a fundamental role in supporting the ...

  • Undergraduate Academic Honor Code of Emory University

14. Honor Code - Young Harris College

  • All violations of the Honor Code are those of an individual student and not an organization. ... The reporting of the incident begins the honor process with the ...

  • The Young Harris College Honor Code is an essential way to reach the college's goals of academic excellence, personal growth for each student and a community life based on high moral standards, trust and mutual respect.

15. [PDF] Samford University Undergraduate Honor Code Manual

  • ourselves, bonds of community are created, and those bonds are strengthened by honesty, integrity, ... A student or student organization alleged to have violated ...

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